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Hey gang:
I just wanted to make folks aware that, if possible, we still need to give to the truck fund. I talked with Dave today about how much of our registration is going into the truck fund, and discovered that it will not be enough to cover all the fuel costs for the Bandit Run 2012. Since we have added some funds into registration, donations have completely dried up. I know we are all suffering from the economic crunch, but if each of us could just give a little, it would help out a lot.

When I set up events for the Bandit Run, everyone wants the truck. They love the cars, and they are glad we are coming, but having that truck with us goes a long way toward opening doors for our event. There are a lot of car shows and car cruises out there but we are unique because of the Snowman truck.

I know everyone of us has a tight budget and we are all struggling to pay for fuel for our own cars, but please if you can send a couple bucks toward the truck fund, it will be greatly appreciated. soapbox image

Don't forget you can also help Wounded Warriors by purchasing t-shirts.

Here is a link to paypal site.

Thanks for your support.

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