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Arkansas is set to be the starting line for the 2012 Bandit Run, the annual re-enactment of the legendary drive featured in the 1977 Burt Reynolds “Smokey and the Bandit” movie that made the Pontiac Trans Am a superstar. The route begins in Texarkana on May 14 and covers 995 miles and five states, wrapping up just outside of Atlanta on May 19. The convoy includes more than 100 cars, many of them Trans Ams resembling the car driven by Reynolds’ character, Bandit. In addition to the famous black Pontiac Trans Am, the Bandit Run also features a meticulously re-created semi-trailer like the one driven by his buddy Cledus Snow, also known as Snowman (Jerry Reed), in the movie.

BILOXI -- Drivers who look in their rear-view mirrors May 16 could be surprised to see “Smokey” in a police cruiser and a caravan of about 120 muscle cars rolling into Biloxi to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the movie “Smokey and the Bandit.” Beau Rivage Resort and Casino will host a two-night stop in Biloxi as the 2012 Bandit Run travels from Texarkana, Texas, to Atlanta on May 14-19.

I just wanted to make folks aware that, if possible, we still need to give to the truck fund. I talked with Dave today about how much of our registration is going into the truck fund, and discovered that it will not be enough to cover all the fuel costs for the Bandit Run 2012. Since we have added some funds into registration, donations have completely dried up. I know we are all suffering from the economic crunch, but if each of us could just give a little, it would help out a lot.

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