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Snowman's Truck

Just like the one from Smokey and the Bandit

Wayne is our Snowman
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Texrakana in the Movie

A little background

Tyler Hambrick is an avid Smokey and the Bandit Fan , and he completed this tribute semi-truck trailer just in time for the Bandit Run 2009.  Tyler is an original Bandit Runner, joining the group for the first run back in 2007.  He constructs life-like models of the Smokey and the Bandit cars, truck, and figures.  Here's a picture I snapped of him with his display set up, from the 2007 Bandit Run when I first met him.  Tyler worked together with Greg Vasser and Kevin Morgan to complete this project.
Now the Snowman's truck is compete.  They now own the Kenworth tractor rig, which is identical to the one from the movie.  The truck makes the annual Bandit Run and is really something to see up close - the details will blow you away!  It will make you want to run home and watch the movie all over again. Here's a quote from Tyler's web page:

A real tribute to Jerry Reed.  We are doing this for the love of the first movie, the love of Trans Ams and now especially for the Snowman, Jerry Reed.  As Jerry stated in a TV documentary, he is most proud of the years he served his country in the military.. He spent the last two years of his life raising money for military families.  The Kenworth/trailer will be used to continue what he started, supporting the families of our voluntary armed forces.  Currently we using woundedwarriorproject to send funds for our veterans in honor of Jerry Reed. The event number is 308932.  On their website you can click on the DONATE dogtag and you can donate on online. Please be sure at the bottom on the form to use the project number and Jerry Reed.

You can visit Tyler's website to view more information on the truck, models and Trans Am.  We all want to thank everyone that makes this possible, and please don't forget to support the rig with donations so it can make The Bandit Run every year.

You can also help by purchasing a t-shirt at one of their Ebay auctions.  Two different designs are available.  Have a look and just click on either one of the photo logos; it will take you right to the auction page.
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