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Original "Smokey and the Bandit" Soundtrack

"East Bound and Down" by Jerry Reed and other songs below.

Smokey and the Bandit LP Soundtrack

"Smokey and the Bandit" Movie quotes and pictures

Just some of the great Smokey and the Bandit quotes and pictures.

Smokey and the Bandit Movie quotes

Now geting to Texarakana and back in 28 hours that's no problem....

Faster than that Smokey Bandit quote

New car gotta have a new car to block for the truck ya know....
Speedy car... speedier than that...

Eighty Thousand dollars smokey and the bandit quote

We have a big chance, a big chance to make a run worth some big bucks...
Eighty thousands of them...

Texarakana and back in 28 hours smokey bandit

You mean to tell me we are going to drive from here to Texarkana Texas
and back to here in 28 hours.....

breaker one this is the bandit quote

Breaker one, breaker one this is the the Snowman out there...
am I hitting you son...

I can drive any forkin thing Bandit quote

I can drive any forkin thing around...

Big enos burdette snowman quote

Big Enos Burdette...Burdette.. B.. BER, BUR, B.....
Hell I got to go....

sorry don't want to get married bandit quote

Sorry I don't want to get married....
Terrific that makes two of us.....

does this thing move bandit trans am

Does this thing move.....oh yeah

does this thing move bandit trans am

Frog: You've got a great profile.
Bandit: yeah I do, dont I.. Especially from the side.

Hold up on the car wise gentelman

Hold up on the car wise gentelman....

 Georiga plates Ban One Trans Am

Yes sir.. Georiga plates..ahh.Ban One..ahh B A N dash O N E

what she wearing now snowman quote

Hey is she wearing a wedding dress...what's she wearing now....come back..
hey you got peanut butter sumpin in your ears..tell me what that womens got on..her mind!

bridge jump smokey and the bandit

You know something sheriff if JW dont get out of the way I'm gonna pass him

bye bye baby smokey bandit trans am

God damn thats a texas mountie, what the hell is doing in Arkansaw?...
Well lets just see what he's got under the hood...bye bye baby

sherrif bufford justice

For sum reason or sounded little taller on radio...
what the hell is the world comin to...

diablo sandwich smokey bandit movie quotes

Let me have ahh..Diablo sandwich a dr pepper and make it fast I'm in a goddamn hurry

Daddy the top came shit.....

Snowman "Nice Ass"...(frog) "thanks a lot" Ohh ... Ahh

Ge..Get over here Fred...Come here...I'm in a hurry and you wanna take a swim..

Trans AM What's your pleasure

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